Research for Sex Work

Research for Sex Work is a peer-reviewed journal, which explores a different theme in each issue. The first seven issues of Research for Sex Work were published by VU University Medical Centre in the Netherlands. NSWP took over publishing Research for Sex Work in 2004, under the guidance of an NSWP editorial board. Since 2004 all submissions are reviewed by sex workers – making it truly peer-reviewed by experts in sex work.

Issues focused on peer education (1998), appropriate health services (1999), empowerment (2000), violence (2001), migration/mobility (2002), human rights (2003), ethics in health care and research (2004), law enforcement (2005), money (2006), sex workers’ rights (2008), pleasure (2009), violence (2010) and HIV (2012). ), sex work as work (2015) and resistance and resilience (2016).

Regretfully funding for Research for Sex Work ended in 2016, and Research for Sex Work 15 will be the last edition until a new donor can be identified.