新南威尔士州的信息图表是全球性工作者的宣传工具。它们包含由Molly Hankinson创作的图片。

你可以下载上面这个信息图的英文版本,它也有法语、俄语、西班牙语和中文版本。 如果你想把信息图表打印成A4纸的A5小册子,也可以在上面找到打印版本。

The success and challenges of GF - C19RM in meeting the needs of Key Populations is a community-led report by MPact in partnership with NSWP, INPUD and GATE. The report was supported by Global Fund: Community Rights and Gender – Strategic Initiative.

Este recurso é uma tradução comunitária da The Smart Sex Worker’s Guide to SWIT. Você pode acessar este recurso acima ou no site da EANNASO.

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The 2010 "Strike Hard Campaign" (police crackdowns) put in place a zero tolerance policy on sex work, gambling and drugs all across China. While many brothels and popular clubs were closed ultimately sex workers continued work out in more remote areas. This geographic shift cut people off from essential health services, HIV/AIDS education, and even funeral services for women who die while cut off from their families.

Here in its first major report The China Sex Worker Organization Network Forum trained its members to document the effects of the crackdown.
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