The International AIDS Conference 2020 was due to be held in San Francisco and Oakland, USA, between 6th-10th July. This would have been the second time in a decade that the IAS has decided to host the Conference in the USA, despite the legal travel restrictions affecting sex workers and other key populations. 

On 14th September, the first Sex Worker Pride, NSWP announced its full support for HIV2020, given the IAS decision to host the Conference in the USA. 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the HIV2020 Conference was reimagined as a series of virtual convenings that took place from June through to October 2020. The programme concluded with a sharing of learnings and highlights from the virtual event on World AIDS Day 2020. 

HIV2020 focussed on six themes:

  1. Unfinished business of HIV, including unabated HIV incidence among key populations, and ongoing criminalisation, stigma, and discrimination they face;
  2. Access to quality HIV treatment and health services;
  3. Community and key population-led programs;
  4. Funding/investing in community and key population-led responses to HIV;
  5. Intersectionality and diversity within our communities; and
  6. Linking HIV with broader health, social justice, and human rights movements

Statements of support for HIV2020 were published by: 

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