What's the Cost of a Rumour?

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In this guide, GAATW review the literature from past sporting events, and find that they do not cause increases in trafficking for prostitution. The guide takes a closer look at why this unsubstantiated idea still captures the imagination of politicians and some media, and offers stakeholders a more constructive approach to address trafficking beyond short-term events. This guide will help stakeholders quickly correct misinformation about trafficking, develop evidence-based anti-trafficking responses, and learn what worked and what did not in past host cities. 

Contents include:

  • Looking at the evience
    • What is trafficking? What is not trafficking?
    • What is the link being made between trafficking and large sporting events?
    • What is the evidence on this link?
  • De-constructing a rumour
    • If there isn't any evidence, why is the connection still made? Doesn't all this attention mean something's going on?
    • Is it possible that the media and political hype actually helped prevent trafficking from occuring?
    • Even if there isn't any evidence, is there any harm in publicising this issue? What are the 'consequences of an unscreened rumor'?
  • Acting Effectively
    • Are there any connections between other forms of trafficking and large sporting events? What's the best way to deal with the issue of trafficking around international sporting events?
  • To sum up

You can download this 78-page PDF above.  This resource is in English