Network of Sex Work Projects Meeting - Brazil 2006

Global Network of Sex Work Projects
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The Network of Sex Work Projects held a meeting in Rio de Janeiro, 16-19 July.

The meeting had two goals:

  • To identify priority issues for global advocacy, and
  • To review the role and structure of the NSWP and make recommendations about ways to improve or reform it.

The outcome of the meeting sets out possible ways forward on advocacy issues and the structure and governance of the NSWP that were discussed. The people who were present at the meeting undertook to share this information within their region or country and prepare feedback. Rather than make decisions, the agenda was to draft proposals for network structure, criteria for membership and a mission. These are to be offered for others to comment upon and for suggestions and further input.

The ultimate goal is to craft a structure with input from sex workers and allies around the world that will support and foster strong advocacy. This process is detailed below. Additionally, common issues were discussed in order to consider how sex workers and allies can support each other, particularly within regional networks.

You can download this 12 page PDF resource above. This resource is in English.