Papua New Guinea Protest Letter

Paulo Longo
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Rio de Janeiro, 30 March 2004

Ref: Protest

Dear Papua New Guinea Embassador:

The NSWP is a non-governmental non-profit organization founded in 1990 to advocate for sex workers health and human rights. With more than 300 organizations and projects throughout the world, the NSWP works closely with major international health agencies, such as UNAIDS and WHO.

I am writing on behalf of the NSWP to protest against serious violations of the basic human rights of women who were arrested the raid of a brothel in Port Moresby on Friday, March 19th. This kind of abuse and violence is completely unacceptable in a country which should be striving toward security and development via the rule of law. We strongly suggest that you inform to the government of PNG that this event has received worldwide publicity and that you urge it to investigate and punish those responsible so that this appalling behaviour to avoid the event havng the status of state sponsored violence.


Paulo Longo
Coordinator, Network of Sex Work Projects
Rio De Janeiro
+55 (21) 2273 9073

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