Sex Work Digest - Issue 22


This is the 22nd issue of NSWP's quarterly newsletter ‘Sex Work Digest’, covering the period from May - August 2018.

Features in this issue include: 

  • Overview of sex workers' activities at the 2018 International AIDS Conference
  • NSWP members arrested and detained under anti-homosexuality laws 
  • Calls for New Zealand to repeal its ban on migrant sex workers
  • Sex workers and women's groups protest after kidnapping and murder of women in Uganda
  • Canada's Liberal Party votes to support the decriminalisation of sex work
  • Catherine Healy and Julie Bates given awards for services to the rights of sex workers

Resources featured include: 

  • Annual Report 2017
  • Smart Guide to CEDAW
  • Briefing Note: Meaningful Involvement of Sex Workers
  • Member profile: Nigeria Sex Workers Association (Precious Jewels)

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