A Guide For Sex Worker Human Rights Defenders


The Sex Workers' Rights Advocacy Network (SWAN) proudly presents A Guide For Sex Worker Human Rights Defenders. This publication is aimed at sex workers of all genders and backgrounds, sex worker projects, human rights organizations and advocates. It contains practical information on how to start human rights documenting projects, to organize human rights campaigns and to use formal human rights mechanisms.

Contents include:

  • Different Models of Human Rights Documenting
  • Ethical Considerations for Documentation Work
  • Interviewing Survivors and Witnesses of Human Rights Violations
  • Recording Individual Cases
  • List of Possible Evidence
  • Analyzing Patterns of Abuse
  • When Writing Human Rights submissions
  • Tips for Writing Human Rights Submissions and Letters
  • National Submissions
  • Advancing Sex Workers’ Rights Through Human Rights
  • Mechanisms: Opportunities and Challenges
  • A Guide to the UN International Special Procedures
  • Other UN submissions
  • Helpful Links for Human Rights Submissions
  • The Case Form for Incidents Against Human Rights Defenders
  • Urgent Responses for Human Rights Defenders
  • Common Violations Against Sex Workers and Protected Rights
  • Useful Contacts of Human Rights Groups

You can download this 84-page PDF above. This resource is available in English and in Russian.