eXXXpressions: The XXX Forum - Celebrating a Decade of Action, Designing Our Future

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‘The XXX Forum’ entitled “Celebrating a Decade of Action, Designing Our Future,” was a first of its kind in Quebec. It was a historical moment, a time for dialogue and for sharing our thoughts on how to support sex workers all over the world. This meeting allowed us to consolidate a system for community support by and for sex workers, and to attack the stigma that affects people who do sex work.

This report entitled eXXXpressions is the blueprint of the XXX Forum and is divided into four parts, each section reflecting on a particular aspect of the forum.

The first section of the document is a transcription of the only forum session that was open to the public. The public conference entitled “Sex Workers Beyond Borders” aimed to showcase the international expertise of activists from Quebec, France, India and Australia. The panellists described the situation of sex workers’ in their respective countries, presented summaries of their support and organising experiences, and explained their perspectives on the future of the sex workers’ rights movement with regard to living and working conditions as well as health concerns.

The second section of eXXXpressions, “Me and My Work,” deals with the way that individual strategies can contribute to collective action aiming to improve health, safety and the respect of sex workers’ dignity. It highlights the importance of personal experience - in all its diversity - and the various roles sex workers occupy in life and at work.

The third section, “Sex Work and Society,” spotlights the social environment in which sex work is practiced, and the way that sex workers react to the dominant social discourse.

The fourth section, “Laws, Policies and Human Rights,” talks about social control measures that have an impact on sex workers’ living and working conditions.

Lastly, the conclusion of eXXXpressions gives us insight into the forum’s immediate effects based on the evaluations gathered from its participants and from Stella members.

You can download this 62 page document above. This resource is in English.