Managing Sex Work: information for third parties and sex workers in the incall and outcall sectors of the sex industry

Jenn Clamen, Chris Bruckert, and Maria Nengeh Mensah
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The research project 'Rethinking Management in the Adult and Sex Industry', which led to the resource 'Beyond Pimps, Procurers, and Parasites', highlighted to the researchers that far from the demonised and racialised stereotype of the "pimp", third parties in the sex industry have complex, varied and frequently mundane relationships with sex workers. However, unlike in other industries, third party roles are often criminalised, which impacts upon the ability of sex workers to expect or create a safe working environment.

This booklet is a response to that criminalised environment, and its negative effect on the workplace safety of sex workers. It seeks to offer knowledge in return to the sex working community that provided the researchers with their data, thus positioning sex workers as knowledgeable agents, who can share information reciprocally with academics, rather than merely beeing subjects of study.

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This resource is in English.