IAC 2022: Monday 1st August

Sex Worker Networking Zone

Booth GVE100 in the Global Village. Open 10.30am - 6.00pm. All times shown are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Below we have detailed events taking place today in the Global Village and the conference. Please see notes for any changes to the programme.

Happening today in the Global Village:

11am - 12pm:  Red Umbrella Fund: How to strengthen the fund to strengthen the movement
Participants: Paul-Gilbert Colletaz, Red Umbrella Fund
Language: English
Location: Sex Worker Networking Zone and online

1pm - 2pm: Film Screening; Our Bodies Our Business, From 1989 to now with guests Carol Leigh and Val Scott
Participants: Jenn Clamen (Stella) with guests Carol Leigh (virtually) and Val Scott (virtually)
Location: Sex Worker Networking Zone and online
Note: This session will only be available live and will not be recorded

3pm - 4pm: Peer-led HIV Testing Strategies with Strass
Participants: Christine Lyon, Strass
Language: English
Location: Sex Worker Networking Zone and online​​​​​​​

Here's what happened yesterday:

Sex work before the courts and at tribunals Kholi Buthelezi (SISONKE), Christine Lyon (Strass), Sandra Wesley (Stella)

Session recording coming soon

Power in our hands!: Collective Resistance and Art-making with Butterfly, Asian and Migrant Sex Workers Rights Network

Butterfly members gave an introduction to their organisation and spoke about their Status For All campaign, calling for full and permanent immigration status for all. They also introduced their art advocacy and visitors to the networking zone added to their travelling exhibition.

The networking zone with the exhibition

La Pendemia y pos pandemia y trabajo sexual en la actualidad, with Karina Bravo from PLAPERTS, Ecuador, David Goover from Asociacion Goover and xx from Corporación Calle7 Colombia.

NSWP Celebrates 30th Anniversary

There was cake in the networking zone yesterday as NSWP celebrated our 30th anniversary. NSWP was formally launched as an alliance of sex workers’ rights activists and sex work projects during the 1992 International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam. 

Little cupcakes with umbrellas making the shape of a bigger umbrella