IAC 2022: Sunday 31st July

Sex Worker Networking Zone

Booth GVE100 in the Global Village. Open 10.30am - 6.00pm. All times shown are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Below we have detailed events taking place today in the Global Village and the conference. Please see notes for any changes to the programme.

Happening today in the Global Village:

11am - 12pm: Sex work before the courts and at tribunals, with Stella, Sisonke/SWEAT, and Strass
Participants: Kholi Buthelezi (SWEAT), Christine Lyon (Strass), Sandra Wesley (Stella)
Language: English
Location: Sex Worker Networking Zone

1pm - 2pm: Power in our hands!: Collective Resistance and Art-making with Butterfly, Asian and Migrant Sex Workers Rights Network
Participants: Butterfly, Asian and Migrant Sex Workers Rights Network
Location: Sex Worker Networking Zone

3pm - 4pm: La Pendemia y pos pandemia y trabajo sexual en la actualidad, with Karina Bravo from PLAPERTS, Ecuador
Participants: Karina Bravo, PLAPERTS
Language: Spanish and English
Location: Sex Worker Networking Zone and online

3.45pm - 4.45pm: Sex worker-focused is not sex worker-led: Understanding sex worker leadership in HIV and AIDS policy
Location: Global Village channel/room 1

AIDS2022 Conference Sessions:

8am - 9am: Communities leading the way: The importance of key population-led responses in HIV 2022
Location: Room 517d/Channel 2

2.15pm - 3.15pm: Nothing about us without us: Community-led responses and research
Location: Room 517a/Channel 3

Here's what happened yesterday:

Yellow, Brown, Loud and Proud: Sex work and Sex Worker Organising in the Asia Pacific with Jules Kim from Scarlet Alliance 


Herramientas para la vida (tools for life), with Centro de Apoyo a las Identitidas Trans A.C. with Rocio Suarez, Centro de Apoyo a las Identitidas Trans A.C

Forever Red, Hooker Monologue with Velvet Steele