IAC 2022: Saturday 30th July

Sex Worker Networking Zone

Booth GVE100 in the Global Village. Open 10.30am - 6.00pm. All times shown are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Below we have detailed events taking place today in the Global Village and the conference. Please see notes for any changes to the programme.

Happening today in the Global Village:

11am - 12pm: Yellow, Brown, Loud and Proud: Sex work and Sex Worker Organising in the Asia Pacific
Participants: Jules Kim from Scarlet Alliance and Kusum from Independent Butterfly [Note: 
KayThi Win, Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW), will no longer be appearing at this event]
Language: English
Location: Sex Worker Networking Zone and online

1pm - 2pm: Herramientas para la vida (tools for life), with Centro de Apoyo a las Identitidas Trans A.C.
Participants: Rocio Suarez, Centro de Apoyo a las Identitidas Trans A.C
Language: Spanish and English
Location: Sex Worker Networking Zone and online

2.20pm - 2.35pm: Forever Red, Hooker Monologue with Velvet Steele
Participants: Velvet Steele
Language: English
Location: Sex Worker Networking Zone and online

3pm - 4pm: Risks2022: Impacts of client criminalization, with ESWA, Stella, and Strass
Participants: Christine Lyon (Strass), Luca Stevenson (ESWA), Jules James (ESWA), Sandra Wesley (Stella)
Language: English
Location: Sex Worker Networking Zone and online

AIDS2022 Conference Sessions:

10.30am - 11.30am: Through the lens of community: Addressing context within strategies and interventions
Location: Room 517a/Channel 3
Change: This event was originally scheduled to take place on Friday 29th July but will now take place on Saturday 30th July

Here's what happened yesterday:

On Friday 29th July, WHO launched the new Consolidated guidelines on HIV, viral hepatitis and STI prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care for key populations. Ruth Morgan Thomas, NSWP's Global Coordinator, spoke at the launch, reminding people of the long way we have ahead of us in decriminalisation with only New Zealand and two states in Australia that have decriminalised sex work out of 193 countries.

An image of Ruth sitting on a stage with AIDS 2022 backdrop

Jules Kim, CEO of Scarlet Alliance, Australia, spoke at the session titled Save lives, decriminalize: Pathways to achieving the 10-10-10s, organised by UNAIDS. 

Speaking on decriminalisation, Jules said, "When laws are made without communities at the centre, they have unintended, negative consequences. Laws meant to protect sex workers often harm them."

A panel with Jules Kim second from the left