News Archive: 八月 2019

At the 23 September 2019 UN High Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage, we demand governments pledge to put the last mile first and offer access to affordable, stigma-free, and quality health care to key populations.

29 八月 2019

上个月,2019年IAS(International AIDS Society)艾滋病科学会议于墨西哥城结束后,全球社群主导组织正在与墨西哥和拉丁美洲的倡导者们联合来计划即将到来的HIV2020会议。

26 八月 2019

An Irish campaign group is calling for changes to police policy following the results of a new study, which shows that more than 150 sex workers have been prosecuted under brothel keeping laws over the last ten years. The same study showed that almost all of those convicted under brothel keeping laws are migrant women, and that in 90% of the cases, those involved were ‘named and shamed’ in the media.

12 八月 2019