Is selling sex criminalised?
It is legal to sell sex and national level soliciting laws were repealed when France criminalised clients. There are however still municipal administrative laws in place - "arêtes", which criminalise sex workers, e.g. forbidding street sex work in certain areas. Because of brothel-keeping and procuring laws it is still illegal for sex workers to work together and to let a colleague use your flat or camper.
Is buying sex criminalised?
Buying sex is illegal
Is organising/managing criminalised?
Yes, procuring, brothel keeping, facilitating someone's prostitution, encouraging 'prostitution', advertising and profiting from 'prostitution' all criminalised.
What other laws are used disproportionately against sex workers?
Municipal by-laws are used against sex workers in France. One French city used these to effectively ban sex workers from the city centre (verified by STRASS)
Is there mandatory HIV/STI testing?
Is there mandatory registration?
Is sex work recognised as work?
Is sex work decriminalised with limited regulation?
Sources/further reading
Information provided by local sex worker contacts in France European Court of Human Rights will examine a complaint against France,…
Extra info
261 sex workers in France have lodged a case at the European Court of Human Rights to challenge the criminalisation of clients in France and the court has accepted the case. It is unclear when the case will be heard by the court.
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