Global Fund

Infographic: Making the Global Fund Work for Sex Workers

The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria was created in 2002 as an international financing and partnership organisation to respond to what were then the deadliest pandemics confronting the world.

This infographic gives a brief introduction to the Global Fund, looks at how Global Fund partnerships work, and outlines NSWP's capacity-building programmes.

This resource is available above in a screen version and a downloadable print version. It is available in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic.

Global Fund Basics: Programme Essentials

This is the fifth video in a series from NSWP called Global Fund Basics.

HIV Programme Essentials are a list of what should be evidence-based interventions and approaches to achieve the goals set out in the UNAIDS Global AIDS Strategy 2021-2026; the 2022-2030 WHO Global Health Sector Strategies on HIV, Viral Hepatitis, and Sexually Transmitted Infections; and the 2023-2028 Global Fund Strategy.

Smart Sex Workers Guide to Using the Global Fund Strategy 2023–2028 to Influence Grant Cycle 7 Funding Requests

Grant Cycle 7 (GC7), formerly referred to as NFM4, is the first round of Global Fund funding request windows opened up under the Global Fund strategy 2023 – 2028.

It is the first opportunity for sex workers and other key population communities to test the strength of the Global Fund commitments to communities, that are outlined in the new strategy.

Community Brief: Sex Worker-Led Organisations’ Engagement and Benefit from the Global Fund C19RM Funding 2022

The Global Fund COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM) was intended to be an improved version of the Global Fund COVID-19 response. Responding to criticisms and concerns that the initial response failed to engage with or benefit key populations and communities, C19RM 2022 was expected to address those concerns.

NSWP Member Organisation Platform Layalat Release Statement Calling for Transgender Women's Representation in the Global Fund Country Dialogue

Platform Layalat, a network advocating in Morocco for the rights of sex workers in general and transgender women sex workers in particular, released the following statement regarding the lack of representation of transgender women in the country dialogue for the new grant request to the Global Fund.

Global Fund Basics: Global Fund Strategy 2023-2028

This is the fourth set of videos in a series from NSWP called Global Fund Basics.

This set of videos covers the new Global Fund Strategy 2023-2028. 

Video 1 covers an introduction to the Strategy and the Strategy Framework.

Video 2 covers the Evolving Objective and begins to look at the Strategy Narrative in more detail.

Video 3 covers the Mutually Reinforcing Contributory Objectives, maximising engagement and leadership of communities and maximising health equity, gender equality and human rights.

Global Fund Basics: Making Use of the Global Fund Strategy 2023-2028 in Advocacy

This is the fifth video in a series from NSWP called Global Fund Basics.

This short video is about using the Global Fund Strategy 2023 - 2028 in advocacy work. Using the Strategy of a Global Institution as an advocacy tool is not easy, especially a 70 page one like the Global Fund Strategy. What we have tried to do in this video is pick out some important areas where we feel referencing commitments in the Global Fund Strategy could make a difference.

Global Fund Strategy 2023–2028: The Smart Sex Worker’s Guide

The 2023-2028 Global Fund Strategy will guide Global Fund approaches, decision-making, and investment for the next 6 years in a 70-page document. It is important because it describes what the Global Fund will do and how it will do it. The Strategy will influence how investment will be disbursed at the country level, how and who will implement programmes, and how and who will be involved in making the decisions.

Global Fund Basics: Catalytic Investments

This is the third video in a series from NSWP called Global Fund Basics.

In this video, learn more about Catalytic Investments. Catalytic Investments are a portion of funding for the Global Fund supported programmes, activities and strategic investments that are not fully covered through country allocations.

This video is in English and versions of the video with Spanish, French, and Russian subtitles are also available.