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Sex workers in India celebrate Supreme Court ruling recognising sex work as a ‘profession’

On 19th May India’s Supreme Court announced a ruling expanding the rights of sex workers and defining sex work as a profession. “It need not be gainsaid that notwithstanding the profession, every individual in this country has a right to a dignified life under Article 21 of the Constitution,” the court observed.

Australian sex worker-led organisations welcome the passage of the Sex Work Decriminalisation Bill 2021 but commit to advocating for further reforms

Last week brought the announcement that Victoria had become the third jurisdiction in Australia to ‘decriminalise sex work’. The Sex Work Decriminalisation Act 2021 Bill passed just before 8.30pm on Thursday 10th February, 24 votes to 10.

While sex worker-led organisations in Australia have welcomed the passage of the Bill, they have also drawn attention to amendments which must be made for Victoria to achieve full decriminalisation.