NSWP Strategic Plan 2010 - 2012

Global Network of Sex Work Projects

This paper sets out the priorities of the Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) developed for the period 2010-2012. It records the outcomes of the 2009 strategic planning process undertaken by the NSWP Board and is intended to inform both internal discussions and conversations with potential donors. This Strategic Plan will be adapted and developed into formal funding proposals for NSWP core activities.

The paper begins by describing the aims, history, rationale and current structure of the NSWP, and identifying particular challenges and assumptions. It outlines NSWP priority human rights and health issues and identifies specific advocacy and capacity building activities for addressing them.

Contents include information on:

  • The NSWP
  • Human Rights
  • The Rationale for the NSWP
  • History and Achievements of the NSWP
  • NSWP Membership and Governance
  • Assumptions and Challenges
  • NSWP Goals, Strategies, and Activities 2010 - 2012
  • Human and Financial Resources

You can download this 9 page PDF resource above. This resource is in English.