Report: Sex Workers at the 22nd International AIDS Conference


Between 23rd and 27th July 2018, more than 120 sex workers from more than 25 countries attended the 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS2018) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The bi-annual International AIDS Conferences are the largest global gathering of HIV academics, implementers, policy makers, people living with HIV and those most affected by HIV, including sex workers.

This report presents the key activities led by or including sex workers at AIDS2018 and explore some of the key thematic issues of the conference. It also includes recommendations to the International AIDS Society (IAS), policy makers and donors for a greater and more meaningful inclusion of sex workers at IACs. 

Contents include:

  • Overview of Activities and Thematic Issues
    • Sex Worker Pre-Conference
    • Sex Workers at the Main Conference
      • Opening Speech by Dinah de Riquet-Bons
      • Satellite Session
      • Creative Action by EMPOWER, Thailand
      • Abstract Session on harms of criminalisation of sex work
      • Sex Worker Participation in the Press Conference on ‘End Demand’ Models
      • Award to Duduzile Dlamini
      • Speech of O’Cindy Cynthia Samuels
      • Disruption of Bill Clinton’s Address on the Last Day
    • In the Global Village
      • Sex Worker Networking Zone
      • Protest by Sex workers and Allies at the Positive Flame Ceremony
      • Workshop on the Impact of Punitive Laws
      • Session on Media Representation of Sex Workers
      • Trans Sex Workers Workshop
    • Sex Workers’ March
    • Celebrating NSWP’s 26th Anniversary 
  • AIDS2018 in Social Media
  • Recommendations to the International AIDS Society (IAS), HIV/AIDS Policy Makers and Donor 

You can download this 26 page report above. It is available in English. Photos used in the report by Juno Mac