The Human Cost of 'Crushing' the Market Summary

Amnesty International

Amnesty International has published their research The Human Cost of 'Crushing the Market: Criminalization of Sex Work in Norway Executive Summary to accompany their Policy on State Obligatoins to Respect, Protect, and Fulfil the Human Rights of Sex Workers. Their research demonstrates that human rights abuses against sex workers in Norway are directly related to the criminalisation of clients and third parties in Norway. Amnesty International also found tha sex workers themselves were penalised and criminalised under the "Nordic Model". The resaerch is the result of three weeks of interviews with 54 sex workers in Norway as well as desk research. 

Contents include:

  • How we conducted our research;
  • An expanding legal framework;
  • Sex workers face increasing penalization and police control;
  • Violence against sex workers;
  • Safety compromised;
  • A culture of stigma and discrimination;
  • Increasing exposure to exploitation;
  • An ineffective trafficking response.

This resource is useful for all sex workers, sex workers' rights advocates, and allies interested in debunking the myths about the "Nordic Model".

You can download this 10 page PDF above. This resource in available in English, French and Spanish.