Keeping Safe - Safety Advice for Sex Workers in the UK


This booklet has been written for women, men and transgender people working in the UK sex industry. It contains information and advice about keeping safe which mostly comes from those who know best – sex workers. It contains tips and strategies to protect their personal safety.

This booklet provides general safety advice for sex workers in different situations and different work places. It also provides guidance on personal safety such as to plan ahead before leaving to work, alcohol and drug use, and potential violent situations.

It also provides specific advice and strategies for sex workers to keep safe when working on the streets, in establishments, in your own working flat/home, or escorting to homes or hotels, and helpful tips for transgender sex workers. It highlights the importance of, for example, feeling entirely comfortable with the client, always carrying a mobile phone, always letting someone know where you are and about condom use.

The document provides helpful tips to report and share information on difficult clients and violent people, including specific guidance on how to keep notes of ugly mugs/dodgy punters to keep details of incidents and attackers.

There is a useful contact list which includes local sex work projects in the UK, to get information on personal safety and health services, and contact of other useful resources.

You can download this 60-page resource as a PDF. This resource is in English.