Sexuality and Social Justice: a Toolkit

Institute of Development Studies (IDS)
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A number of people are excluded from the process and benefits of development because of their sexuality. Policies designed to lift people out of poverty, to provide employment and access to crucial services, all too often exclude those who do not conform to ‘normal’ sexual or gender identities. In many countries, this exclusion is also enforced through law. This toolkit provides guidance, supported by up-to-date case studies, on the ways in which activists, lawyers, donor agencies and NGOs, amongst others, can use policy and the law to challenge exclusion and marginalisation related to sexuality. It breaks down legal jargon and outlines the key aspects of policy-making and legal processes in an accessible format. It also provides insights into the challenges of working on the law in relation to sexuality, such as the dangers of visibility in sexuality activism and the risk of more punitive laws or violent backlash when sexuality-related issues are raised.

You can download this 2 page document above. This resource is in English.