NSWP Statement in relation to the arrest of Alejandra Gil

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NSWP has released a statement in relation to the arrest of Alejandra Gil.

From our understanding of the situation, the charges in question emanate from new legislation, which in our view conflates sex work with human trafficking. 

The UNAIDS Guidance Note on HIV and Sex Workclearly states that many anti-trafficking laws encourage the assumption ‘that all or most sex workers are trafficked into sex work against their will.’  It also clearly calls for anti-trafficking interventions to ‘be reviewed and evaluations carried out to ensure that the human rights of both sex workers and trafficked persons are being protected. ’We would request that the current law is urgently reviewed to establish whether it unduly conflates sex work and trafficking, as has been the experience in many other countries. It should be noted that Alejandra Gil has worked tirelessly for the human rights of sex workers for many years, in Mexico, regionally and globally, and has been a valuable resource within NSWP on the needs and rights of sex workers in Latin America. She has openly challenged and condemned human rights abuses, such as trafficking and abusive practices within sex work.


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