Only Rights Can Stop Wrongs: A Critical Assessment of Anti-Trafficking Strategies

Marjan Wijers, Marieke van Doorninck
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This paper critically examines the current strategies employed by both governmental and non-governmental agencies (NGO's) to address the issue, focusing on their impact on the women affected. The guidiing principle is that anti-trafficking instruments should not only be in line with the protection of human rights, but should also care not to create or exacerbate existing situations that cuase or contribute to trafficking by instituting policies and practices that further undermine the rights of the concerned groups, in particular women. This paper includes sections on: • This paper includes sections on: Strategies to prevent and combat trafficking • Trafficking as a moral, labour, and human rights problem • Trafficking in women as a problem of organized crime and as a problem of migration • A discussion of repressive versus empowering strategies. You can download this 6 page PDF resource above. This resource is in English