News Archive: сентября 2013

GNP+ and UNAIDS have released 'Positive Health, Dignity and Prevention: Operational Guidelines' this week introducing 'Treatment 2015'. With less than a 1000 days remaining to reach the critical target of 15 million people on antiretroviral therapy by 2015.

30 сентября 2013

The first ever wide-scale survey of indoor sex workers in Ireland has revealed a far more complex picture of who does sex work, and why, than is commonly portrayed in the Irish media, which is dominated by claims from anti-sex worker organisations - with links to the Catholic Church and the notorious Magdalene laundries.

19 сентября 2013

Sex workers of all genders and from all sectors of the industry gathered in Paris in early June to hold a national conference, organised by STRASS, in which they discussed their rights, safety, and community organising.

18 сентября 2013

Sex workers in Scotland, and sex worker-led organisation SCOT-PEP condemned the front page exposure of a sex worker in yesterday's Scottish Sun.

17 сентября 2013

The late-August attack on the Madaripur red light district in Dhaka, Bangladesh, made up to five hundred sex workers homeless and destroyed their workplaces. It has now emerged that sex workers were refused vital hospital treatment in the aftermath of the attacks.

9 сентября 2013

'Ugly Mugs' schemes have been in many parts of the world, as a tool to warn sex workers about violent people posing as clients - but until now, there have been no such projects formally set up in Ireland, as the Irish state - influenced by various anti-sex work organisations - has never felt the need to aid sex workers in making the job safer.

6 сентября 2013

Sex workers in Jamaica gathered last week to demand rights, respect and dignity at a conference that received widespread press coverage around the region. Described as "members of a group that most Jamaicans may not have heard of", Television Jamaica went on to note that the Carribean Sex Workers Collective are "advocating for equal rights, and an end to stigma and discrimination". 

6 сентября 2013

The Caribbean Sex Workers Coalition (CSWC), a regional collective of sex worker-led civil society organisations and sex worker advocates, is calling on Caribbean states to end discrimination against sex workers, recognise transgender people and create laws to protect sex workers from stigma and discrimination.

2 сентября 2013