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Movimiento de trabajadoras sexuales del Perú are organising a march to protest against the 'Zona Rosa' in Lima, on Thursday 1st March - details below.

29 февраля 2012

On 21st February, Empower held a very successful launch of their anti trafficking report "Hit & Run: Sex Worker's Research on Anti trafficking in Thailand."

The launch also saw a special exhibition of a tapestry, 'The Mida Tapestry', sewn by sex workers that speaks of the experience of a 'police rescue' event at Mida Karaoke Bar.

Empower also premiered this short film "Last Rescue in Siam" (above) made by sex workers in Chiang Mai.

29 февраля 2012

Laura Agustín reviews Siddharth Kara's book 'Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery', in her article in Counterpunch.

Laura exposes the innate weaknesses in the author's simplistic approach, the lack of academic rigour in producing his findings, which are 'neither based on methodological research nor reflecting knowledge of literature.' Agustín  analyses  also questions  the author's 'data' which he describes as 'slavery economics'  - questioning how he arrives at his figures 'that can only be obtained through painstaking, long, repetitive research, which Kara does not even pretend to have done.'

The book's omission of any opinion or argument dissenting from his concepts and lack of referencing of academic study does question whether the book was peer reviewed or why it was published by Columbia University Press. 

28 февраля 2012

Novarstis, a multi-billion dollar Swiss pharma company may get the Indian Supreme Court to shut down the supply of affordable medicines. Novartis is suing the Indian government, if Novartis wins, it will threaten Indian companies’ ability to produce low-cost medicines for malaria, AIDS, cancer and other life-threatening diseases, depriving millions around the world of the treatments they desperately need and threatening thousands of Indian jobs. 

Sign the petition against this action on the AVAAZ website.

20 февраля 2012
The 2010 "Strike Hard Campaign" (police crackdowns) put in place a zero tolerance policy on sex work, gambling and drugs all across China. While many brothels and popular clubs were closed ultimately sex workers continued work out in more remote areas. This geographic shift cut people off from essential health services, HIV/AIDS education, and even funeral services for women who die while cut off from their families.

Here in its first major report The China Sex Worker Organization Network Forum trained its members to document the effects of the crackdown.
18 февраля 2012

This document has been updated following discussions at the consensus meeting on the need to highlight explicitly the responses provided on collective empowerment. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) is developing guidelines for evidence-based interventions
for the prevention and treatment of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in low- and
middle-income countries.

The Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) oversaw a civil society consultation of sex workers commissioned by the WHO to gather feedback on the proposed guidelines and produced this report, entitled:

'Female, Male and Transgender Sex Workers' Perspectives on HIV & STI Prevention and Treatment Services: a global sex worker consultation.'

18 февраля 2012

The Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee is a collective of 65000 female, male and transgender sex workers in West Bengal, India. Their most recent Bulletin (No 11.) includes news about the sex workers' union (Binodini Sramik Union) based in Kolkata and Durbar's strong presence at the International Book Fair in Kolkata.   

You can download this 4 page pdf Bulletin below (in English).  

16 февраля 2012

Source: PlusNews

While a number of Asian and Pacific countries are addressing legal barriers to accessing HIV information and treatment, there is still a gap between policy and implementation, say officials.

14 февраля 2012

As reported in the Indian Express, around 250 sex workers were amongst those who took part in a silent rally on Friday 10th February in Mysore in opposition to a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the European Union aoround the supply of generic life-saving drugs. 

14 февраля 2012

The Global Network of Sex Work Projects condemns the current situation of sex worker activists in Kenya and the harassment being experienced by human rights defenders in Nairobi.

The following is a summary of the press release from colleagues in Kenya and South Africa, in relation to recent events in Nairobi.  You can also view or download the full press release below.

9 февраля 2012


US government travel restrictions for sex workers and drug users mean that many of us will not be able, or will not want to go to the IAC in Washington this year.

8 февраля 2012

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3 февраля 2012

NSWP Board Member, Thierry Schaffauser, appears in this short video, commissioned by IPPF, for the 'Learning Positive' Campaign.  This campaign offers educational resources, raising awareness of and exploring attitudes to HIV. 

Thierry talks about how sex workers are one of the key populations affected by HIV and some of the issues that make sex workers vulnerable, including stigma and criminalisation, as well as raising the issue of targeting awareness and prevention programmes at the clients of sex workers.

2 февраля 2012

Colleagues at the ‘Forum on the Rights of Sex Workers in Togo’ have called for support to help advocate to obtain the release of sex workers recently arrested near Lomé – and in engaging with the various the authorities in Togo for legislation to protect the rights of sex workers.

On Saturday January 7 2012 at around 2200hrs a team of police from Kpalimé (120km northwest of Lomé) raided hotels and hostels known for being places where street sex workers go, and arbitrarily arrested several people.

2 февраля 2012