Stella Series: Sex Work and the Law in Canada


NSWP member Stella produced 9 fact sheets for sex workers in Canada. The fact sheets provide important information about the changes to Canadian law (the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act, 2014) that criminalise sex workers, clients, and third parties. The fact sheets offer practical tools for sex workers and explain how the new laws negatively impact sex workers.

Contents of the fact sheets include:

  • Advertising and the Law
  • Arrest and Detention
  • Clients and the Law
  • Communication and the Law
  • Immigration Status and the Law
  • Friends, Family, and the Law
  • Police Powers: In-Call and Outcall
  • Third Parties and the Law
  • Working in Canada without Canadian Citizenship

You can download these 1-22 page PDF documents above. These resources are also available in French.