The Anti-Trafficking Review 2014, Issue 3

Global Alliance Against Trafficked Women

The Anti-Trafficking Review is published by the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW), a network of over 100 NGOs worldwide focused on promoting and advancing the human rights of migrants and trafficked persons.

This Review explores what happens to the money and how the money to combat human trafficking is spent that is allocated by governments and private donors to stop human trafficking and to assist people who have been trafficked.

This paper explores, for example, anti-trafficking interventions in Nigeria; compares anti-trafficking developments in the UK and Ukraine, and offers space for SWAN (Supporting Women’s Alternatives Network) to describe how Vancouver’s relationship to anti-trafficking funding is ambivalent.

This review also offers a debate section: “What would be the best way to use ten million dollars?” This section contains five contributions that offer personal views on what strategies should be adopted by donors supporting anti-trafficking initiatives.

The Review is primarily an e-journal, published annually. The journal presents rigorously considered, peer-reviewed material in clear English. Each issue relates to an emerging or overlooked theme in the field of anti-trafficking.


You can download this 182-page resource as a PDF above. This resource is in English.