Speak Out: Personal Testimonies of Rights Violations Experienced by Sex Workers in Kenya


Kenyan sex workers continue to suffer human rights violations. Sex workers also bear a  disproportionately large burden of HIV. This could be significantly reduced by a rights-based approach to their health needs. This research by GNP+ focuses on the human rights violations that female sex workers living with HIV face when they access healthcare services. It also highlights violations by law enforcement officers that impact on sex workers’ vulnerability to and ability to manage HIV.

Contents include:

  • Summary
    • Violating the right to healthcare
    • Denial of equality for the law
    • Recommendations
  • Background
  • Research methodology
  • Social demographics and circumstances of sex work
  • Research findings
  • Human rights violations against sex workers living with HIV accessing healthcare services
  • Experiences of violence against sex workers by law enforcement officers

You can download this 36-page PDF above. This resource is available in English only.