Silence on Violence: Improving Safety of Women

Andrew Boff
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Silence on Violence: Improving Safety of Women - the policing of off-street sex work and trafficking in London

This report was written in the run-up to the Olympic Games, held in London 2012 and it considers two overacrhing areas related to womens' safety within sex work: the policing of sex trafficking, and within that the policing for the Olymipics; and the general policing of sex workers. The report focusses on off-street sex work as the evidence shows that it very rarely, if at all, involves trafficked women.

The report makes a number of recommendations including:

  • evidence-based peer reviewed study into the issue of sex trafficking in London;
  • police sensitivity to the changing role of trafficking victims in brothels and taking long-term approach to gaining intelligence and the trust of victims;
  • research on non-organised sex trafficking;
  • working with service providers and sex workers to prioritise improving relations;
  • joint strategy and effective partnerships between police work, sex work projects and sex workers. The inclusions of sex workers should be seen as an integral part of any police force's strategy.

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