Occupational Health and Safety of Migrant Sex Workers in New Zealand

New Zealand Prostitutes Collective
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In 2011, the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective (NZPC) commissioned Kaitiaki to undertake an in-depth investigation to understand better the issues facing migrant sex workers in New Zealand especially with regard to occupational health and safety, and reproductive health. The research was based on qualitative interviews, surveys and a randomised review health records. The needs of migrant sex workers can be contextualised in three thematic pertaining to vulnerability and increased risk from working underground, migrant-specific needs related to language and culture which contribute to higher degrees of vulnerability due to language and health considerations. The third theme identified was a series of protective factors. High levels of camaraderie between migrant workers underpin the provision of safer sex education, adherence to condom use and as a point of referral to supportive services.

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