Key Populations in the Global Fund's Funding Model

Communities Delegation
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The Review of the Engagement of Key Populations in the Funding Model global report is a research amongst key populations in eleven countries. It is a publication of the Communities Delegation of the Board of the Global Fund. It identifies six areas of concern regarding the Funding Model of The Global Fund and gives recommendations on how to improve community engagement. The global report is accompanied by a 3-page position paper summarising its conclusions. The areas of concern are: communication and transparency, representation and accountability, influence, safety and confidentiality, resources and strengthening of systems and capacities, culture, respect and authenticity. Recommendations include:

Enforce the Global Fund Requirements on Inclusive Engagement of Key Affected Communities.

  1. Strengthen and sustain expertise within the  Global Fund Secretariat and amongst technical partners to support community engagement.
  2. Put in place requirements to ensure long-term, strategic investments in costed interventions on human rights, gender and community systems strengthening in every concept note.

Contents of the global report include:

  • Summary
  • Introduction
  • Study rationale and methodology
  • Key Findings
  • Recommendations and Conclusions

You can download the 19-page global report and the 3-page position paper as PDFs above. These resources are in English.