Beyond Pimps, Procurers, and Parasites: mapping third parties in the incall/outcall sex industry

Chris Bruckert and Tuulia Law
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This resource commences by quoting Ronald Weitzer, who notes "the management of prostitution is one of the most invisible aspects of the trade". It goes on to discuss common prohibitionist discourse around sex work, that situates all possible study on the topic on a continuum between deviance and violence, before highlighting that this limited binary is "diametrically opposed to much of the scholarly literature, and, more importantly, to what sex workers are asserting - namely, that sex work is work".

Proceeding from this sex worker centred perspective, this resource treats sex work as work by examing the multilayered, overlapping and shifting roles of third parties - approximately categorised within the text as 'agencies, associates, or contractors'. This resource documents what it is that the criminalisation of third parties does to sex workers, and in the process, "acknowledges sex workers as 'knowers, not merely knowable'".

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