Research for Sex Work 11: Sex Work and Pleasure


Research for Sex Work 11: Sex Work and Pleasure is a peer-reviewed publication for sex workers, activists, health workers, researchers, NGO staff and policy makers. It is available in English and French. All issues of Research for Sex Work can be found here.

Contents include:

  • Editorial
    Melissa Ditmore and Will Rockwell
  • Brothels in Bamako Today
    Sylvia Mollet and Fatoumata with Danaya So members
  • Takin’ it to the Streets on the Las Vegas Strip
    Holly Pottle
  • The Vagina as a Site of Power and Playfulness
    Jayasree A.K.
  • Sex Work and Sexual Pleasure
    Rut Pinedo González
  • Kicking Down the Door: The Effects of Anti-Trafficking Raids in the USA
    Melissa Ditmore
  • Demonising Desire: Men Who Buy Sex and Prostitution Policy in the United Kingdom
    Sarah Kingston
  • An Interview with Hillary Kinnell, Author of ‘Violence and Sex Work in Britain’
    Melissa Ditmore
  • Excerpt from ‘Violence and Sex Work in Britain’
    Hillary Kinnell
  • Biographies
  • Colofon


You can download this resource as a 20 page PDF above.