When Situations Go from Bad to Worse: Guidance for International and Regional Actors Responding to Acute Violence Against Key Populations

LINKAGES project

This resource was developed through the LINKAGES project by representatives of global and regional key population networks, community-based organisations led by and serving key populations, United Nations agencies, international non-governmental organisations, donors, and defenders of human rights who support and implement HIV programmes. 

It was developed in response to the intensification of violence experienced by key populations affected by HIV (men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs, sex workers, and transgender people). It aims to provide guidance for international and regional actors who wish to be part of an effective and coordinated response. It describes the current challenges that limit the effectiveness of acute violence responses and recommends concrete ways to strengthen efforts to protect the human rights of key population members and reduce the effects of acute violence on HIV programmes. 

This brief can be used immediately by international and regional actors seeking to strengthen the support they offer during periods of acute violence. It can also help these same actors to prepare to respond to violence and mitigate its effects. 

You can download this 20 page document above. It is available in English.