The Anti-Trafficking Review: Special Issue – Sex Work


This special issue of the Anti-Trafficking Review highlights some of the current achievements of, and challenges faced by, the global sex workers' rights movement. Contributors examine the ways in which organising and collectivisation have enabled sex workers to speak up for themselves and tell their own stories, claim their human, social, and labour rights, resist stigma and punitive laws and policies, and provide mutual and peer-based support. The contexts in focus include Canada, Latin America and Caribbean, United States, France, South Africa, India, Thailand and the Philippines.

Contents include:

  • Editoral: Gains and Challenges in the Global Movement for Sex Workers’ Rights
  • Sex Worker Resistance in the Neoliberal Creative City: An auto/ethnography
  • Latin American and Caribbean Sex Workers: Gains and challenges in the movement
  • The Philippine Sex Workers Collective: Struggling to be heard, not saved
  • Sex Work, Migration, and Human Trafficking in South Africa: From polarised arguments to potential partnerships
    Butterfly: Resisting the harms of antitrafficking policies and fostering peerbased organising in Canada
  • Unacceptable Forms of Work in the Thai Sex and Entertainment Industry
  • Of Raids and Returns: Sex work movement, police oppression, and the politics of the ordinary in Sonagachi, India
  • The ‘Prioritizing Safety for Sex Workers Policy’: A sex worker rights and anti-trafficking initiative
  • ‘The Problem of Prostitution’: Repressive policies in the name of migration control, public order, and women’s rights in France
  • ‘Sex Trafficking’ as Epistemic Violence
  • The New Virtual Crackdown on Sex Workers’ Rights: Perspectives from the United States
  • Time to Turn Up the Volume
  • Anti-trafficking Efforts and Colonial Violence in Canada

The Anti-Trafficking Review is published by the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW), an alliance of over 80 NGOs worldwide focused on advancing the human rights of migrants and trafficked persons.

You can download the full issue of the Review above, or on the Anti-Trafficking Review website