Overlooked, Ignored, Forgotten: HIV and the basic rights of transgender people in Asia and the Pacific

The Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health
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The Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health policy briefing, 'Overlooked, Ignored, Forgotten' details the contributing factors to a health crisis amongst transgender people in Asia Pacific, while noting that the exact contours of this crisis are hard to discern, as transgender people have often been miscategorised (as men who have sex with men) or ignored.

Contents include:

  • Understanding Transgender People
  • The Transition of Gender Alignment and Other Medical Issues
  • HIV and Transgender People
  • Stigma and Prejudice
  • At the Hands of the Law: Legal Marginalization
  • Basic Rights and the Duty to Protect Everyone
  • What's Next? Recommendations for the Near Future
  • References

There is a press release pertaining to this policy briefing here.

You can download this 15 page PDF resource above. This resource is in English.