No Turning Back - Examining Sex Worker-Led Programs that Protect Health and Rights

Open Society Foundation
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Open Society Foundation have published No Turning Back: Examining Sex Worker-Led Programs that Protect Health and Rights. Stigma, criminal laws, and punitive policing practices harm sex workers, including their health. In response, a growing number of authorities across the world have called for the decriminalisation of sex work. The six case studies in this publication—in Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, South Africa, and Zimbabwe—offer a look at sex worker–led programming that has reduced police abuse, health risks, and other adverse impacts of bad laws and law enforcement on sex workers.

Contents include:

  • Safety and care in Kenya
  • Against impunity in Ukraine
  • Claiming rights in Zimbabwe
  • Owning change in Kenya
  • Fighting lawlessness in Kyrgyzstan
  • Finding voice in South Africa

This publication is useful because it provides and overview of rights-based programming led by and for sex workers, showcasing the work of many NSWP members such as BHESP, Legallife-Ukraine, Tais Plus, and Sisonke. It also showcases the work of  Sexual Rights Centre and Survivors.

You can download this 60 page PDF above. This resource is available in English.