GAATW Response to UN Women Consultation


The Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW) submitted the following response to the UN Women consultation on "sex work, sex trade, and prostitution. They argue the conflation of sex work and trafficking trivialises trafficking and victimises, infantilises and patronises sex workers and creates a hostile atmosphere against them. It further weakens the legal, social and labour conditions of sex workers, making them more vulnerable to abuse from clients and law enforcement.They urge UN Women to meaningfully consult those that will be most affected by a policy on sex work, namely, sex workers themselves.

In addition to this response, NSWP has published a response to UN Women's online consultation here and has developed a draft framework for a UN Women human rights affirming approach to sex work in response to a UN women e-consultation. NSWP is also petitioning UN Women to meaningfully consult sex workers in the development of their policy.

You can download this 3 page PDF above. This submission is available in English.