'Body Politics: Criminalization of Sexuality and Reproduction' Series

Amnesty International

Amnesty International's 'Body Politics: Criminalization of Sexuality and Reproduction' series is the culmination of six years of research, analysis and engagement with key partners. See below for an overview of the resources, which you can download through the link above. 

The series has three components:

  • The Primer provides an overview of how states go about criminalising key aspects of sexuality and reproduction, human rights principles that can be applied to limit states' use of criminalised approaches and the relevant human rights standards and protections that apply. It also contains seven in-depth issue specific annexes focusing on abortion, same-sex sexual conduct, HIV exposure, non-disclosure and transmission, pregnancy, adolescent sexuality, sex work and sex outside of marriage.
  • The Toolkit provides concrete campaign planning strategies and techniques such as mapping stakeholder participation and power, identifying advocacy targets, and building capacity, among other things.
  • The Training Manual is a guide that will enable staff/allies to deliver training for colleagues and external partners moving forward. 

They have also developed a brief explainer which introduces the series and the issues they address in simple terms

These resources are available in English above, and available in English, French and Spanish on the Amnesty International website