Animation: Funding the Sex Worker Rights Movement


Sex worker-led organisations are the core of the sex worker rights movement and must be adequately resourced and capacitated to address their communities’ priorities. Yet globally, sex worker-led organisations remain chronically under-funded, and are often excluded from critical discussions with key stakeholders, including donors. Where funding is available for sex worker programming, it is seldom attuned to communities’ needs, and may come with restrictions which make it inaccessible or unfeasible for sex worker-led organisations.

The global sex worker movement calls for increased funding and support for capacity-building, organisational strengthening, and advocacy. Together, sex worker-led organisations and networks have identified 4 key messages for the movement, donors, policymakers and allies.

This animation is a new tool for sex workers' advocacy worldwide. It was created by Solomon Sienkiewicz. The illustrations used throughout the video were created by Molly Hankinson.

This resource is available in English, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish.