The Smart Sex Worker's Guide to Addressing the Failure of Anti-Sex Work Organisations


Sex workers and their allies face significant obstacles in the fight to improve the health and wellbeing of sex workers globally. In the Smart Sex Worker’s Guide: Addressing the Failure of Anti-Sex Work Organisations, NSWP explore the effects of anti-sex work programming and anti-trafficking initiatives that deny sex workers their human rights. The Smart Guide explores organisations whose work puts sex workers at risk, directly or indirectly, and provides key strategies from NSWP members on how to combat these approaches.

Contents Include:

  • Introduction
  • Who is Harming Sex Workers and Why?
  • Setting the Standard: Identifying Groups Doing Harm to Sex Workers
  • Using The Sex Worker Implementation Tool (SWIT) to Determine if Services are Using a Rights-Based Approach
  • Harmful Activities of Anti-Sex Work Groups & Useful Resources to Counter Arguments
  • Sex Workers Fight Back – Resistance in Practice

You can download this 30 page PDF above. This resource is available in Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.