Smart Sex Workers' Guide: Challenging the introduction of the Nordic Model


This Smart Guide builds on NSWP’s existing toolkit on the 'Nordic model’, and looks at the harms caused to sex workers in countries where the Nordic Model has been introduced. It draws on the experiences of NSWP members, using submissions, in-depth interviews and case studies gathered through a consultation process. The Guide is intended as a tool to strengthen and support NSWP members and sex workers’ rights advocates’ ability to actively challenge proposals to introduce the Nordic approach in their countries.

Contents include:

  • Intended consequences of the Nordic Model
    • Reducing demand by reducing sex workers’ options
    • Increased policing, targeting sex workers
    • Lack of safety
    • Increased power to police, increased policing and surveillance of migrant sex workers
    • Increased discrimination
    • Exporting the Model to other countries
  • Unintended consequences of the Nordic Model
    • Increased social stigma
    • Lack of a rights-based approach
    • Lack of access to quality health care
    • Attitudes among service providers and police
    • Presenting data in misleading ways in order to export the Nordic Model
    • The exclusion and dismissal of sex worker perspectives
  • Challenging the Nordic Model
    • Challenging state and institutional control over sex workers
    • The role of language and terminology in challenging the Nordic Model
    • Legal principles
    • Challenging the Nordic Model through court systems
    • Visible protests
    • Using national constitutions to challenge the Nordic Model
    • Sharing personal narratives to dispel misunderstandings
    • Research
    • Art
  • Considerations for planning advocacy

You can download this 32 page PDF above. This resource is available in Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.