Smart Guide: Sex Worker's and Drug User's Guide to the Global Fund Transition


This Smart Guide is a quick reference for sex workers and people who use drugs to help understand the transition from Global Fund financing. ‘Transition’ is the process that happens when Global Fund financing for programmes (for HIV, TB and/or Malaria) comes to an end and the country takes full responsibility for funding and implementing programmes without any external Global Fund support.

The guide explains what the process is, how it works and why it is happening. It highlights the risks as well as the (few) opportunities there may be for a responsible transition, and suggests actions for engaging in the transition process. The guide is designed to help the community ensure continued rights-based health and social care programming for sex workers and people who use drugs after a country transitions away from Global Fund financing.

This Smart Guide was drafted jointly between NSWP and INPUD.

Contents include:

  • Introduction
  • What is Transition and What is its Purpose?
  • World Bank Income Classification
  • How the Global Fund Determines Eligibility
  • What are the Opportunities for Sex Workers and People Who Use Drugs?
    • Transition Readiness Assessment
    • National Health and Disease-Specific Strategic Plans (NSPs)
    • Transition Work-Plan
    • Prioritised Above Allocation Request (PAAR)
    • Funding Requests Tailored to Transition

You can download this 16 page PDF here. This resource is available in English, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish.