Research for Sex Work 5: Health, HIV and Sex Work - the Influence of Migration and Mobility

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Research for Sex Work 5: Health, HIV and Sex Work - the Influence of Migration and Mobility is a peer-reviewed publication for sex workers, activists, health workers, researchers, NGO staff and policy makers. It is available in English. All issues of Research for Sex Work can be found here.

Contents include:

  • How immigration status affects sex workers’ health and vulnerabilityto abuse. A comparison of two countries
    M. Ditmore
  • Women, migration and health in France. The experience of Cabiria
    G. Téqui and F. Guillemaut
  • Migration and mobility of sex workers in the Netherlands
    T. van der Helm
  • Prostitution in Spain, health and policies
    A. Rodriguez Arenas
  • Colombian women, sex work and health in Galicia, Spain
    L. Oso
  • Migrant sex workers in Europe: STI/HIV prevention, health and rights
    L. Brussa
  • The vulnerability to HIV/AIDS of migrant sex workers in Central America and Mexico
    A. Dreser, M. Caballero, R. Leyva and M. Bronfman
  • Human rights issues in semi-legal foreign sex work in Panama
    C. Carrington-Betts and C. Betts
  • Displacement and Risk in Colombia. Young people selling sex in the streets of Bogotá
    T. Ross
  • A profile of mobile sex workers in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
    A. Chacham and M. Maia
  • Niger: sex workers at the market
    S. Aliou, M. Mahaman, I. Adamou and F. Soumana
  • ‘Like plastic that blows in the wind’. Mobile sex workers in southern Africa
    L. Robinson and T. Rusinow
  • Trafficking and HIV/AIDS: The case of Nepal
    P. Simkhada
  • Mapping for the health and well-being of mobile sex workers and the communities they serve. The case of Cambodia
    L. Hsu and J. du Guerny
  • The (crying) need for different kinds of research
    L. Agustín

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