Research for Sex Work 4: Violence, Repression and Other Health Threats

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Research for Sex Work 4: Violence, Repression and Other Health Threats is a peer-reviewed publication for sex workers, activists, health workers, researchers, NGO staff and policy makers. It is available in English. All issues of Research for Sex Work can be found here.

Contents Include:

  • Contextual risk versus risk behaviour. The impact of the legal, social and economic context of sex work on individual risk taking
    P. Alexander
  • Different mindsets, different risks. Looking at risk factors identified by Vietnamese sex workers in Cambodia
    M. Tep, S. Ek and M. Maas
  • Some conditions influencing HIV/AIDS prevention and health promotion in Hong Kong
    P.S. Ho
  • Health impacts of prostitution. Experience of Bangladesh Women’s Health Coalition
    J. Ahmed
  • Filial piety and Vietnamese sex workers in Svay Pak, Cambodia
    B. Schunter
  • Promoting HIV Testing among Guam Sex Workers: Problems in Paradise
    R. Workman, T. Pinhey and A. Hill
  • Report from the US: Do prohibitory laws promote risk?
    M. Ditmore
  • Prostitution and repression in France. The point of view of Cabiria
    F. Guillemaut
  • Repressive laws and hidden women: migrant sex workers in Germany
    V. Munk
  • Violence against female sex workers in Brazil. Preliminary findings from a Horizons study
    P. Longo and P. Telles - 18
  • The impact of violence on HIV prevention and health promotion: The case of South Africa
    H. Alexander
  • Murderous clients and indifferent justice. Violence against sex workers in the UK
    H. Kinnell
  • Studying violence to stop it. Canadian research on violence against women in Vancouver’s street level sex trade
    L. Cler-Cunningham and C. Christenson
  • Taking a look at sex work, risks and violence in Brazil
    M.W. de Oliveira, J. Moreno and L. Furlanetto Pereira
  • Risk and violence in different scenarios of commercial sex work in Panama City
    C. Carrington and C. Betts
  • Drug use and physical and sexual abuse of street sex workers in New York City
    N. El-Bassel and S. Witte

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