Research for Sex Work 12: Sex Work and Violence


Research for Sex Work 12: Sex Work and Violence is a peer-reviewed publication for sex workers, activists, health workers, researchers, NGO staff and policy makers. It is available in English and Russian. All issues of Research for Sex Work can be found here.

Contents include:

  • Editorial
    Nel van Beelen & Aliya Rakhmetova
  • ‘The police beat you up, demand money and will detain you until you pay’ - Police violence against sex workers in eleven countries in Europe and Central Asia.
    Anna-Louise Crago, Aliya Rakhmetova & Acacia Shields
  • Taking sex workers seriously - Treating violence as hate crime in Liverpool
    Rosie Campbell & Shelly Stoops
  • Fighting for our rights – How sex workers in Hong Kong are negotiating for more respect and protection
    JJJ Association & Zi Teng
  • Some uncomfortable questions - Government policies in Spain and impact on people who sell sex voluntarily
    Colectivo Hetaira
  • Working smart – How sex workers stay safe in New York City
    Sienna Baskin
  • Their words are killing us - The impact of violent language of anti-sex work groups
    Calum Bennachie & Jan Marie
  • ‘It’s normal for a husband to beat his wife’ - Sex workers and domestic violence in Cambodia
    Chan Dyna, Keo Sichan & Melissa Cockroft
  • Violence against trans sex workers - Stigma, exclusion, poverty and death
    Khartini Slamah & Sam Winter 
  • Violence against indigenous sex workers – Combating the effects of criminalization and colonialism in Canada
    Emily van der Meulen, Jessica Yee & Elya M. Durisin

You can download this 40 page PDF resource above.