Global Fund Quarterly Update 2


The NSWP Global Fund Quarterly Update includes information about the most recent topics being discussed and addressed within the Global Fund. This update is part of the Robert Carr Civil Society Networks Fund grant to provide Global Fund workshops in collaboration with NSWP members. In 2016, there will be a total of 4 updates.

Contents discussed by the Civil Society Delegations and the Board of the Global Fund include:

  • New strategy
  • 2015 annual financial report
  • Eligibility policy
  • Sustainability, transition and co-financing
  • Challenging operating environments
  • Allocation methodology
  • Response to the OIG 2015 annual opinion
  • Partners' constituency
  • Allocation methodology
  • Catalytic investments
  • Revised eligibility policy

This resource is useful for any sex worker or sex worker-led organisation interested in learning more about the Global Fund. These updates provide insight into issues being discussed at the Global Fund, and how these decisions will impact sex workers.

You can download this 2-page PDF above. This resource is available in English, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish.