Infographic: Universal Health Coverage (UHC): Putting the Last Mile First


Universal Health Coverage speaks to the global goal of providing all people with the health care they need without creating undue financial burdens on the individual. In many parts of the world, health provision and access to health services remains extremely poor, particularly for criminalised and marginalised populations such as sex workers and other key populations. An important opportunity exists now to not only push national governments to involve sex workers in their development of UHC “care packages”, but also to proactively reform the criminal law to ensure that health care services for all will be a reality by 2030.

This infographic is based on the Briefing Paper: Universal Health Coverage: Putting the Last Mile First. NSWP infographics are tools for sex workers' advocacy worldwide. They contain images created by Molly Hankinson.

You can download this infographic above in English, and it is also available in French, Russian, Spanish and Chinese. A print-friendly version is also available above if you would like to print the infographics as a short A5 booklet on A4 paper.

UHC Part 1 UHC Part 2

UHC Part 3UHC Part 4