COVID-19 Impact – Latin America


In April 2020, NSWP launched a global survey to understand the impact of COVID-19 on sex workers. The survey received 156 responses in total, from 55 different countries, out of which 9 responses were from 4 countries – Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and El Salvador – in the Latin America region.

The COVID-19 pandemic, as with other health crises, exposes existing inequalities and disproportionately affects people already criminalised, marginalised and living in financially precarious situations, often outside social protection mechanisms. As a result of the pandemic, sex workers all over the world are experiencing hardship, a total loss of income and increased discrimination and harassment. This report looks at the impact of COVID-19 on sex workers, government responses to the crisis, and how the sex worker community in Latin America is responding.

You can download the 9-page report above. It is now available in English, French, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese.